The Power Boats Newsletter

Well, I am happy to report some more great news…..
As of 1 st July 2022, Covid (PCR/Antigen) tests are no
longer required to enter Trinidad.
It seems that good things happen on the 1 st of the month,
so let’s see what happens on 1 st August.
Therefore, the following are no longer required to enter
Trinidad: Ttravelpass, Vaccines, Covid tests.

Let us Empower ourselves with sound Information for 2022!

There is something about the start of a new year that can bring a whiff of green optimism and a breath of fresh ocean air.  It affords us the opportunity to pause and revisit occurrences and experiences of the past year and make new resolutions.  One thing that stood out in 2021, against a backdrop of the unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic, were the extreme weather events signaling that climate change is REAL!

The Marine Resilience Initiative (MARIN) Tobago Project Launch

The Marine Resilience Initiative (MARIN) Tobago Project will be launched at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park, by the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA), in partnership with bp Trinidad and Tobago. It is an 18-month pilot which seeks to determine the appropriate and feasible rehabilitation strategies for both the coral reef as well as the seagrass beds that surround Tobago.