Hello Folks,
I reported in our May’s Newsletter that as of Wednesday
1 st June 2022, the TTravelpass, that was required to enter
Trinidad would be discontinued and that unvaccinated
persons can now enter Trinidad.
Well, I am happy to report some more great news…..
As of 1 st July 2022, Covid (PCR/Antigen) tests are no
longer required to enter Trinidad.
It seems that good things happen on the 1 st of the month,
so let’s see what happens on 1 st August.
Therefore, the following are no longer required to enter
Trinidad: Ttravelpass, Vaccines, Covid tests.
It seems that the hurricane season has started with a bang,
as some folks were in a real panic, thinking that Trinidad
would be severely affected by bad weather this week. I
would like to assure those of you, with your boat on the
hard with us, that everything is fine at Power Boats.
As shown in the hurricane path history in May’s
Newsletter, the chance of any severe storm in Trinidad is
very minimal. The photos to the left, are of two boats
stored in our yard by friends. Just letting them know, that
all is fine, just in case they may be wondering.
The photo below shows a catamaran being hauled, this
bright and beautiful morning at Power Boats.