About MSATT and the Organisation

A Solutions based Association representing the Marine Services Industry and its members, to identify and resolve problem areas within the sector and its current operational structure.

MSATT  is the non profit umbrella organisation established in 1994 by the boatyards and marinas within the Western Peninsular of Trinidad, to ensure the proper and controlled growth of the yacht and marine service industry in Trinidad & Tobago 

Over the years, as Trinidad’s marine industry has experienced rapid expansion, MSATT has played a crucial role in fostering the industry’s well-being and development. 

The organisation is dedicated to promoting the interests of the yacht service sector, improving industry conditions, enhancing facilities, and advancing the education of individuals involved in the industry.

In 1995, MSATT took a significant step by hiring a full-time secretary, and the following year, they established an office in a central location to better serve the yacht tourism sector. The functions of MSATT encompass various areas, including lobbying and maintaining communication with government agencies..

They provide valuable tourist information, such as maps, brochures, and advice on popular attractions. Additionally, MSATT works closely with Customs and Immigration authorities to facilitate smooth entry and clearance procedures for marine visitors, their offices can be located at CrewsInn Marina. The organisation also  promotes environmental awareness within the industry. Training programs are encouraged, and members are regularly monitored and screened for compliance.


Furthermore, MSATT offers its members access to comprehensive statistics and other relevant information pertaining to the yachting and general marine industry, aiding in informed decision-making. Through these diverse efforts, MSATT contributes to the sustainable growth and success of the maritime service industry in Trinidad & Tobago.

The Marine Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago
Customer Service Excellence:

At MSATT, we strive to create a positive and memorable experience for mariners and cruisers visiting Trinidad and Tobago. To achieve this, we focus on customer service and satisfaction by implementing the following initiatives:

Compliments and Complaints Forum:
We provide a platform for mariners and cruisers to express their feedback, both positive and negative, regarding all aspects of our industry. We particularly encourage feedback related to work-related matters. This ensures that you, as a valued member, receive valuable insights about your service, and more importantly, it prevents dissatisfied mariners and yachtsmen from leaving with unresolved issues.

Impartial Dispute Resolution:
MSATT handles disputes in a fair and systematic manner, maintaining absolute impartiality between members and visitors. We take a proactive approach to resolving conflicts, ensuring that both parties are heard and that a satisfactory resolution is reached. Our goal is to foster positive relationships within the industry and maintain a harmonious environment for all stakeholders.

Tourism Information Outlet:
The MSATT office serves as a comprehensive tourism visitor information center. We provide maps, informational leaflets, and expert advice to visitors, guiding them on places of interest, scenic routes, recommended shows, and more. By offering this additional support, we aim to enhance the overall experience of maritime visitors in Trinidad and Tobago, making their stay more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Through these customer service initiatives, MSATT is committed to delivering exceptional experiences and ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our members and visitors.

Environmental Stewardship:

At MSATT, we prioritize safeguarding the marine environment in the Western Peninsula to secure the long-term sustainability of the marine and yacht services industry. To achieve this, we implement the following measures:

Implementation of Proper Waste Management Facilities:
As a requirement for membership, we strongly emphasize that all boatyards possess adequate disposal and/or recycling facilities for various waste types such as garbage, oil, glass, and batteries. By ensuring these facilities are in place, we aim to minimize the negative impact on the environment.

Rapid Response to Oil Spills: 
In the unfortunate event of an oil spill, we are committed to assisting mariners promptly. Our dedicated team takes immediate action by distributing solvent free of charge to effectively combat and mitigate the damage caused by the spill. By doing so, we aim to limit the ecological harm and protect the fragile marine ecosystem.

Through these environmental initiatives, MSATT actively promotes responsible practices within the marine services industry, fostering a sustainable future for both the industry and the marine environment in the Western Peninsula.


Additional Initiatives:
MSATT played a pivotal role in the establishment of a Customs and Immigration presence in Chaguaramas, facilitating smoother operations for the yacht service industry. Operating at a broader scope, MSATT collaborated closely with the Comptroller of Customs and the Chief Immigration Officer to ensure that our legislation is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the yacht service sector. Through relentless advocacy, MSATT successfully campaigned for the implementation of regulations allowing mariners and cruisers to import boat parts and related repair materials into Trinidad and Tobago without incurring duties and VAT. Currently, we are actively working towards advancing this achievement by introducing a bonded warehouse and a unified Immigration clearance form to streamline processes even further.

Special Events: Embrace the Joyful Spirit!

MSATT is more than just business – it’s a vibrant community that celebrates togetherness. We warmly invite you to immerse yourself in the delightful social events we organize throughout the year, with the much-anticipated Christmas Concert being just one example.


Join in the festivities as we come together to create cherished memories and foster meaningful connections. Our special events offer the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, and revel in the joyous atmosphere among fellow members. From lively gatherings to delightful performances, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Come and experience the magic of our social events at MSATT, where laughter, camaraderie, and celebration take center stage. As a special treat, our members contribute to the festivities by showcasing their culinary talents. They cook and bring a wide selection of delectable dishes for everyone to taste, adding an extra flavor to the event. We eagerly await your presence and look forward to creating unforgettable moments together at MSATT.


Meet the msatt board


Mr. Peter Peake
Peake Yacht Services


Mr. Carlos Fensom
Alpha Upholstery and Canvas


Ms. Salisha Sooparlie
Power Boats Mutual Facilities Ltd.


Mr. Dennis Moseley
Goodwood Marine Limited


Mr. Andrew Aleong
Coral Cove Marina & Boatyard


Mr. Merryl Ramdial
Majestic Coatings and Supplies


Mr. Jesse James
“Members Only” Taxi and Tours


Ms. McKenzie Scipio
Superb Sails and Canvas

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